Frizz (2014-Jul-15)
Yes! I been waiting for literally years. Was hoping to see a Adventures of Bayou Billy track, but these tracks should sate my appetite for the time being. Thanks, Cameron

Vlad Piranha (2014-Jul-17)
I'm glad to hear Magnet Man done with class. It was always my favorite song from the series and definitely one of the most memorable songs from the NES era.

Dee (2014-Aug-02)
You are the best. Maybe you should add a button for donation... I would :o)

Cyan (2014-Aug-05)
Just Bomb-tastik !!! It's pure gold and awesomeness ! I think, for example, "The Mushroom Variety Show" track is amazing :)

さかもと (2016-Jul-27)
5年前くらいから聴いてます! ありがとう!