Killed by Koopa

Killed by Koopa was originally conceived by Henrik “Mutherpluckin' B” Lidbjörk in the summer of 2009 as a live band to play his video game music remixes on stage. The group has since evolved into performing a mixture of Mutherpluckin' B arrangements and the band's own musical ideas.
   Erik's contributions from folk and oriental music, Thomas' interest in old Sega games and Andreas' endeavours in Final Fantasy territory along with Henrik's heavy blues and funk influences give Killed by Koopa the ability to cover a wide spectrum of music. We never cover the tunes straight from the original arrangements; at the same time, we always focus on sounding authentic, organic and groovy.

Killed by Koopa are (left to right)

Erik “Viper” Olsson – Bass
Andreas Lindmark – Keyboards
Henrik “Mutherpluckin' B” Lidbjörk – Guitar
Thomas “Hyde209” Johansson – Drums

Photo: Jesper Lundgren