Henrik's tube amp builds

Welcome to my homebrew guitar amp pages! This is both to show off my builds as well as to provide some tips and inspiration for people building tube amplifiers — a little on the amps models I've built, how I built them, where I found the parts, and so on.

6V6 Plexi

Marshall style, 23 W push-pull, two 6V6s


Fender 5E9 circuit, 15 W push-pull, two 6V6s

AX84 P1

8 W single-ended EL84

Warning: Tube amps contain lethal voltages, often even after unplugging it from the wall. If you get zapped, I had nuthin' to do with it.

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My AX84 P1, 5E9 Tremolux and 6V6 Plexi amps