Flying Fish
Photo: Jesper Lundgren
Mutherpluckin' B
Killed by Koopa

Killed by Koopa

Killed by Koopa is the name of my live band. We consist of four people (guitar, bass, keyboards and drums) and formed in the summer of 2009 in Uppsala, Sweden, with the goal of playing Mutherpluckin' B music as well as our own video game arrangements on stage. Since then, we've developed a growing repertoire of songs from NES, Sega and PC games. Unfortunately, as of 2013, we're on indefinite hiatus because we live in different places and do other things at the moment.

Killed by Koopa - Stage One

In October 2012 we released Stage One, our debut album, a no-frills live-in-the-studio recording with some of our best NES and Sega arrangements.

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