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Mutherpluckin' B
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Articles about Mutherpluckin' B

"Selecting Freedom in an 8-Bit Democracy" (1up.com, 7 Aug 2010)
Remix album special in Game Developer Magazine, Oct 2009 issue (scan courtesy of Mega Ran)
"Mega Man, Hip Hop & 8-Bit Democracy"  (Game Set Watch, 16 May 2009)
"New in Mega Man Remixes is Lie Mf B's Dive Man"  (Silicon Era, 20 Sept 2008)
"Lie Mutherpluckin' B remixes Mega Man music throughout the ages"  (GoNintendo, 21 Sept 2008)
"Mega Man does not fake the funk"  (Kotaku, 21 Sept 2008)


"Man!!! You got mad cool flava and the coolest jams!!! I liked everything I heard!!!"
Dewayne "Blackbyrd" McKnight, formerly of Parliament-Funkadelic
"Jewel man with Mutherpluckin' B has to be the funkiest nerdcore song ever. Definitely my favorite on the album!"
genoboost, Twitter (on Mega Ran 9)
8-Bit Democracy front cover
On "8-Bit Democracy"

"Three years before I took a listen. A goddamn travesty if you ask me."
Rick Haagland, You Call That A Game?
"This album is actually a lot more impressive than a lot of the fan made stuff I hear now of these days."
"This guy is one of the great video game musicians on the net right now. 8-Bit Democracy is an amazing album."
Drahken, GoNintendo.com
"Man, I didn't think it was possible to top Nintendosploitation, but somehow you did."
jmr, OCRemix forum
"I just listened to your finished medley of the SS/MM1 song you posted earlier. Gold. Just... pure... fucking... gold"
Gario, OCRemix forum
"A little loose, but very nice."
Ben Daglish, C64 composer (on Deflektions of My Life)
"Sh-t... This is TEH Good Stuph! I really love this funky remake! Man, this is inspiration and creativity!! Wow, keep em coming in this cool funky style! More of it!"
Adamsen, remix.kwed.org (on Unsanxioned Soloing)
"Great mix but what the hell is that lead synth? ! .. Shame coz this could have been outstanding."
Satanarchist, remix.kwed.org (on Don't Feed the Warhawk)
"Just gotta say I love your songs, especially Razzle Rides to Town — I got more than one tear of nostalgia in my eye when the Gunsmoke theme got off. Swings like hell! :D"
bluescaptain, Ljudbojen
Nintendosploitation front cover
On "Nintendosploitation"

"Hey this album is great! It reminded me on my Nintendo and all the games I played :) Congrads!"
Mar]{o, AX84 forum
"This is really f*ckin cool music! So unbelievably funky and delightful. Thanks like #&%*$!"
Kindo, Loading (GON) forum
"The sound is pretty crummy, the artist is not a very good performer, and the songs have boring arrangements..."
Sol, Loading (GON) forum
"This was really Funkadelic"
Ainudil, Kong forum
"I like the concept - like a nintendo rock opera..."
zabour, Gear Slutz forum
"On this guy's Nintendosploitation album, he does the greatest version of Snake Man ever. EVER."
Gurthang, The Shizz
"Wonka, wonka, wonka.... Great pron guitar! lol"
Brennemeister, VGMix (on "Fire Storm")
"I love it. Fifth time on repeat already. The guitars sound great man."
Raijin, VGMix (on "Needle Man")
"Dude that's sweet! I gotta make a flash music video for this! All 70's cop style! SHAZAM! Just looked at where this bitch is from! SWEDEN!? Whoah shit! The Swedish have got SOUL!"
Marco, OC Remix forum (on "Fire Storm")
"Habs noch nicht geladen, aber wenn da steht, dass er Mega Man 2 mit einem Sample aus 'Shaft' mixt, dann klingt das schonmal ganz gut."
fihu, portablegaming.de
Sex, Drugs 'n' Nintendo front cover
On "Sex, Drugs and Nintendo"

"Yeah, pretty cool record...but doesn't the song selection (and among so few titles) feel a bit funny?"
JB_Spel, GON forum
"Hmm, the guy seems to be pretty talented :) love this stuff."
Fenrir, GON forum
"The music actually sucked. The original music is totally superior. Gunsmoke. I mean, c'mon, hello!?"
Pan, GON forum
"Oo, this is a real treasure"
Ainudil, Gamer forum
"This brings back a lot of good memories :D"
jimbob, 3DRealms forums
"Very very good stuff, awfully slow paces though."
Synti, 3DRealms forums